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Your Personal Dental Lab


What We Do

We offer a personalized dental lab experience!

This lab is designed to act like your own personal lab. The number of clients it serves is capped and the workflow is fully digital. You get the results you want fast, with the same technician working on each of your cases. A custom profile will be made for you that specifies your preferences and each case will be made to meet your criteria, ensuring you get the results you want every time. Do you need the case done fast due to a tricky situation? Give us a call, we can try to get a case rushed to you in a day or two. Our job is to make your day-to-day easier and more enjoyable.

Owner & Operator

Dr Justin Patterson, DDS

Dr. Justin Patterson is a practicing dentist who was tired of experiencing the frustrations that came with delivering crowns, bridges and nightguards that needed extensive adjustment or had to be sent back. He had extensive experience with CAD/CAM technology and knew that there was a way to make things easier, better, and faster. That is why this lab was built, to solve the problems he and other dentists he knew had. This lab was made to help dentists have stress-free delivery appointments. Delivering a crown or bridge should be an easy and fulfilling appointment, not frustrating.

What We Offer


Crowns & Bridges

A fully digital workflow is utilized to design and fabricate crowns and bridges from zirconia or lithium disilicate ceramic (Emax), allowing for a 5 business day turnaround for crowns and 7 business days for implant crowns and bridges! Each dentist will have their own custom profiles developed to match your preferences.

Do you prefer light contacts, tight contacts, smooth occlusal surfaces, complex anatomy, light occlusion?

No problem, we can give you the results you are looking for every time. You will be delivering restorations that just drop in with little to no adjusting in half the time of most other labs! The restorations are designed digitally to the ideal specifications and to match your preferences, then milled from top of the line zirconia or Emax using high precision Roland mills. Models can be 3d printed with absolute precision on our Roland printer as needed or if requested by the prescribing dentist.

Processing Time

5 business days for crowns, and 7 business days for bridges/implant crowns.



Enjoy a 5 year warranty against fracture of crowns and bridges!


Night Guards

Sending a nightguard back that doesn’t fit or grinding away a nightguard for 30min is no fun for anyone. Let us help you avoid that with our 3d printed, heat-flex, or hard acrylic nightguards made to your specifications from an intraoral scan. 

Tell us how you like them and we will ensure you get what you want every time!

Processing Time

5 business days for Night Guards.


Surgical Guides

Implant surgical guides 3d printed to precision. We can accommodate all the common brands of implants and you will be performing a guided implant surgery with just a 5 business day turnaround. 

Don’t worry, these guides will fit!

Processing Time

5 business days for Surgical Guides


We use the strongest and most esthetic materials in our labs. Everything is fabricated in-house, and produced at a high-quality with minimal service delays.

3D Printing Materials by SprintRay

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e.max Lithium disilicate glass-ceramic

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Katana Zirconia Milling Discs

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